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I need some help/advice if possible.

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About a month ago I was going to make a transaction with this guy that I met on Long story really short I sent him a video card with approximate value listed at $700.00 and he was to send me a computer processor listed at about the same. So I sent the video card over to him, and he “sent” the processor over to me. Well he never really sent the video card; the tracking # that he gave me was a phony one. So I converse a little with him online and he basically says not to trust people online and he tells me that I have learned a valuable lesson from this.

So basically I just got screwed out of $700.00 and that guy is laughing all the way to bank. I have his name, address, I even have a few of the emails and the FedEx tracking # which shows he did sign for it. Is there anything that I can do? I have submitted a complaint with the IFCC and so far I have heard nothing from them.

If I called the law enforcement in Mass where he lives will they be able to do anything? I can’t believe or find it hard to believe that there is nothing that can be done.

Please help me.
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I think mpd's point is that you need to be careful of such things. YES you can be screwed. The world is full of scum and probably always will be, no matter how hard we try. There ARE things you can do to get this guy, if you want to go to the trouble.

IFCC isn't going to do much for $700, i don't think, unless this guy has some history.
You could inform the police in his town (I would say that is where the crime took place)

Or, you could take him to small claims court (you had some sort of contractual agreement with the character)- again, that would be in Massachusetts, where the crime occurred - probably way more costly than the $700 you lost.


I think you now have some very decent advice from some knowledgeable people. Use it as you see fit.
I didn't mean to imply you were SOL, just trying to get the message that this kind of thing DOES happen - probably all too often. Also, you need to be aware that retribution will require a fair amount of effort on your part. With that said, I think you SHOULD do whatever you can to right this wrong! If more people took action when they got screwed, there would be less scumbags out there trying to screw people - fight back! Even if you never recover your losses, you could easily become the thorn in this clown's ass - and he deserves it! Keep it clean and smart and you'll come out on top - remember your goal is to recover your $700 - and that's ALL, no more (with the exception of certain recovery costs).
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