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I Love The Holidays

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WORCESTER— An alleged dispute over table manners at a Thanksgiving meal resulted in a Worcester man and his son being stabbed last night and a relative taken into custody by police.

Detectives said Gonzalo Ocasio, Jr., 18, received multiple stab wounds when he and his father, Gonzalo Ocasio, 49, reprimanded an uncle for picking at the turkey with his fingers instead of using a carving knife.

In the argument that resulted, police said the youth was seriously injured with stab wounds to the chest, back and right side. He was taken to the University of Massachusetts Medical Center —University Campus for treatment. His father, Gonzalo Ocasio, was treated for a stab wound to the right arm. It was his birthday, detectives said.

Police arrested the carver, Frank Palacious, 24, of 86 Austin St., Apt. 525, on two counts of domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, a carving knife and assault with intent to murder, according to Detective Sgt. Thomas R. Radula.

Palacios was also arrested on warrants charging carrying a dangerous weapon and shoplifting.

Detectives said the assault took place at 6:26 p.m. at the apartment of a relative at 507 Main St. Carving knives were seized by police.

Making the arrest were Officers Matthew J. Moore, Timothy M. Watts, Jonathan M. Cotter and Errol C. Cooper of the Operations Division.

Investigating besides Sgt. Radula are Detectives William A. Hinson and Christopher J. Murphy.

This shit kills me ! ! ! ! :L: :L: :L: :L:
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Saaaaavageeees!!! 86 Austin St, whatta friggin dump.. Noone peeky and noone works.. Apt building full of the "disabled", read: junkies, alcoholics and floaters.... rottens....
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