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'I didn't mean to do this,' Texas stepmother tells court in boy's dehydration death

Published January 17, 2013

  • Michael James, left, the boy's biological father, says he believes his wife, Tina Alberson, center, is responsible for his son's death. (
The Texas woman on trial for allegedly withholding water from her 10-year-old stepson who died of dehydration admitted in a video tape that she would, at times, limit his water intake, reported.
"I obviously did this," Tina Alberson, who is accused of causing serious bodily injury to a child, said in a police interrogation video. "I didn't mean to do this."
Alberson had previously told police that the boy did have access to water but "whether or not he drank them, I can't tell you because I was in my chair."
Prosecutors say that Jonathan James died of severe dehydration. An autopsy of the boy determined that there was not a trace of urine in his bladder at the time of his death, reported.

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