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Lifers' ‘family’ fest eludes ban on parties -- Disgusted, 08:57:10 03/08/05 Tue
Just two months after state prison parties were publicly banned, 30 lifers and more than 50 guests were feted at an MCI-Norfolk event that outraged families of victims say makes a mockery of the policy.
Judy Hartnett of South Boston said it was disturbing to hear the man who killed her daughter by stabbing her then setting her on fire, was among those enjoying juice and cookies with his family.
``It makes me feel terrible to know that he's having his cookies and having a good time,'' Hartnett said of James Cyr, who killed Tara Hartnett, 21, in 1993.
The Feb. 26 party came two months after the Herald reported on new rules set by the Department of Correction for prison events. Officials, responding to a column in the Herald about the parties, banned holiday get-togethers, barbecues and picnics.
The new regulations require approvals from three top department officials before any inmate parties are held. Officials said in December that they hoped the rule would discourage party requests.
But documents show the Feb. 26 party for lifers - those convicted of first- or second-degree murder - was approved by officials just one month after applications were filed.
The event required extra corrections officers. But coffee, tea, juice, cake and cookies were paid for with $300 in prisoner canteen funds.
Prison officials say the gathering wasn't a party at all - but a ``family reunification'' event.
Kelly Nantel, the department's chief of constituency services, said the event was meant to bring together prisoners and their family members as a part of rehabilitation programming.
She said the setting was particularly beneficial for children.
``The commissioner stands behind this event,'' Nantel said. ``It is completely in keeping with the regulations she established.''
Still, a list of inmates and guests cleared to attend the event - obtained by the Herald and confirmed by Nantel - includes sons or daughters of only 13 of the 34 inmates. Nineteen of the 96 guests on the list were listed as ``friends.''
``To call it `family' and have friends come, that is unacceptable, unacceptable,'' said Teresa Titcomb, a Charlestown mother who lobbied for an end to parties after her son's killer took part in a Christmas event. ``(Officials should) come up with a better cover story - please.''
It's unclear whether those on the invited list appeared at the event, though prison officials said the final tally was 30 inmates and 54 guests.
``Call it what you want, it's a party. You can put a dress on a pig, it's still a pig,'' said Steve Kenneway, president of the 5,000-member Massachusetts Correctional Officers Federated Union.

Now here is a short list of the attendees. I am sure that many of you will remember these hero's

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Juice and cookies with murderers
Tuesday, March 8, 2005

These men were among 35 inmates cleared for a `family reunification' event being criticized as a party held two months after a ban on banquets, picnics and other events was put in place.
# Kenneth Seguin
Crime: In 1992, the Holliston man killed his children - Daniel, 7, and Amy, 5 - by slashing their throats, then bludgeoned his wife, Mary Ann, 34, with an ax.
Guests: Brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew.

# Christopher Pucillo
Crime: One of three men convicted in the 1993 murder of Ralph James Tracy, 17, who was drugged, beaten, kicked, stabbed and held underwater in a Sharon pond.

Guests: Brother, sister-in-law, niece.

# Brian Peixoto
Crime: The 1996 beating death of 3-year-old Christopher Affonso Jr. during an argument with the boy's mother, Piexoto's girlfriend, which began while watching the `Ricki Lake' show, and escalated when the boy wet his pants.
Guests: Father, sister, niece, daughter.

# James Cyr
Crime: The 1993 murder of Tara Hartnett, 21, whom he stabbed eight times, poured gasoline on her and then set her on fire inside a Greenfield house.
Guests: Aunt, grandmother.

# Michael Mims
Crime: Stabbing death of Belinda Lee Miscioscia, a 38-year-old mother of three, in Chelsea in 1993.
Guests: Sister, niece, two nephews.

# Martin McCauley
Crime: The 1981 shooting death of Carlos Madariaga, manager of the Casa Romero Restaurant in the Back Bay, while holding the eatery up for $496.
Guests: Sister, niece, nephew

# Stephen David
Crime: The 1990 beating death of fellow homeless man Abraham Champlain, 43, in Quincy's Faxon Park along with three other men who believed the man had stolen some of their belongings.
Guests: Father, mother.

# Robert Bianchi
Crime: Shooting murder of his estranged wife, Donna, 23, in 1994. Bianchi, a competitive weightlifter, said steroids had twisted his mind.
Guests: Mother, son, friend.

# Ronald Allard
Crime: The 1995 clubbing murder of Christopher McGrory, 17, in Springfield on the day Allard was told by his ex-girlfriend that she was scrapping their plans to marry and would instead date McGrory.
Guests: Mother, sister, son, nephew.

# Dominick Williams
Crime: The 1981 shooting death of Alton Whitaker, 22, of Roxbury, over a $300 portable stereo.
Guests: Friend.
Source: Guest list for Feb. 26 event obtained by the Herald and confirmed by the Department of Correction; News clippings about crimes, trials and convictions.

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Time for a change at the top of the DOC for allowing these scumbags to have any type of fun while in for life. They have been sentenced to life, tough, they earned the sentence, not a right to party. Talk through the glass to relatives, not over cake and ice cream.

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Something I don't understand here with my admittedly limited knowledge of the current prison system!

LIFERS at MCI-Norfolk?? Since when?

Lifers used to be guests at MCI-Walpole (Cedar Jct for the PC crowd) the last I knew.

MCI-Norfolk used to be for minimum security risks and for folks close to release date.

Something is screwy here for inmates that have served probably ~10 years on a "life" sentence for murder being at a minimum security facility in the first place.

This is just warped!
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