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I am a bonehead...

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Last weekend, went to a domestic out in the middle of nowhere. The female party was actually the primary physical aggressor, so I arrested her. Locked her in the car, and then locked my keys in the car...doh! I have spare keys to my cruiser, but that day I happened to be driving the barracks spare cruiser, because mine was at headquarters... :oops:
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:L: :L: ](*,) :oops: :L: :L: LMAO

How long did it take for another unit to arrive? LOL
:idea: This scenario would make for a great AAA ad!

"Should'a called, triple A."

Phuzz, at least you can laugh about it now, no one was hurt, and it gives the Lieutenant something to rag on ya for for a while.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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