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The Ravelos pick-up truck which was seized by police after their arrest on Armed Robbery and Grand Theft.

Gustavo Ravelo

Danet Ravelo

PINECREST (CBS4) ― A south Florida couple is under arrest and accused of working together to target unsuspecting shoppers. Police say the two followed their victims home from a grocery store in Kendall to their homes in Pinecrest and then robbed them at knife point.

"This is where it took place, exactly in my drive way, said Rocio Guillen to CBS4's Jorge Estevez, outside her home in Pinecrest.

Guillen was robbed in the middle of the day outside the house in this upscale neighborhood.

"When we got out to get the groceries, I was approached by a man in a dark hat and sunglasses," she said. "He jumped the fence and pulled a knife out on me. He grabbed my purse and my jewelry and my mom's jewelry and he took off."

Police say 25 year old Gustavo Ravelo and his 20 year old wife Danet Ravelo followed people home from Publix to rob them on two occasions. Thursday night after the second robbery, Hialeah police found a red pick up truck and the couple acting suspiciously. Police say they approached the red pick-up and the husband and wife when they caught them trying to do something with this license tag.

"We were fortunate that the city of Hialeah observed the subject soon after the robbery removing the license plate off another vehicle," said Lt. Samuel Ceballos Jr.

The Ravelo's were allegedly trying to change the license plate because the last victim followed them after being robbed. The couple's red pick-up truck matches this snap shot taken by a neighbor's camera as the suspects took off after the first a robbery.

And now that Police caught the suspects, Rocio feels badly for them. After all, as she says to be so young and risk so much.

"I can't imagine what kind of desperation would drive him to do something like that. It's just tough economic times for someone to go to that far," said Guillen.

They won't be going far now. Both were denied bond and face armed robbery charges.
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