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How intense is C.O.B.W.E.B. ??????

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Just looking to get some insight about Cobwebb training i might be taking the course at salem state college and information I could get would be great. thanks again
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I recommend doing IPMBA instead. The only instructor in the state is out of Mount Holyoke College. IPMBA is international certification, and it is a tougher course. Hooahh!

That is - if you like tougher! I agree with the bike shorts, get them padded. Good gloves too - and most importantly, a great pair of sunglasses; polarized and scratch resistant is best! I cannot tell you how many times I thanked my lucky stars I had them. Make sure you are in shape, and I also agree with the recommendation to ride. Practice makes perfect. Balance is so key! Everything has to do with balance! Good luck!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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