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How important is veteran status for criminal investigator openings?

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I work in a niche field and have for a few years (financial investigations & forensics). I have an advanced degree and the typical licensing/certifications expected for the sort of work I do, however I currently work in-house for a financial services company.

My goal has been to move into something a bit less theoretical, ideally series 1811. How much of an impact does vet status have on these positions?


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Basically since VRA veterans status is everything in federal employment. Basically as long is there is a veteran applicant who meets the minimum qualifications for the position, they will get the job, even if you're deemed highly qualified by OPM.
Veteran status is big with federal employment, but your niche market/experience/education is something that many federal agencies would find very attractive....FBI and IRS come to mind, and not many veterans have education/experience in that kind of area.
Thanks guys, greatly appreciated the insight. Wasn't sure how common VRA appointments were as I had thought they were discretionary by agency?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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