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To me this is the worst part of liberalism, their pretending to care about the military while Bush was in office and ignoring them while Obama is. As soon as RR takeover the "exploitation" of Military deaths will be right back to a nightly topic.
As the US continues its long war against terrorism across the globe, the number of casualties and injuries continues to our forces in Afghanistan and to innocent civilians in many countries.

During the last four years in Afghanistan alone, under the leadership of Commander in Chief Obama, US forces have experienced significantly more injuries and deaths than under the entire eight years of President George W. Bush in that country. Based on media reports, though, you'd never know it.
Little news of our country at war has been reported these past four years, and especially during this election season there have been drastic differences in how Bush's and Obama's war dead and national security policies have been treated by the press.
Pew Research Center found that as coverage of the war, and public interest in it, decreased, an uptick in the belief that progress was being made seemed to follow. In other words, coverage, or lack thereof, influenced public perception of the war and its success or failure.
Unfortunately, no new era of international peace has been ushered in for American soldiers or citizens under Barak Obama. During his presidency, our military has sustained an estimated 70 percent of the 1,987 casualties and nearly 80 percent of the 17,519 injuries that have taken place in Afghanistan.
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