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How about as members of various agencies put together a list of "GOOD" and "REASONABLE" Police Supply Stores that appreciate us as a profession rather than a walking cash machine!

I am a newly appointed Deputy Sheriff for PCSD. Yes, I know the Sheriff, but still had to go through the Basic Academy, background checks, etc. Anyhow.

Plymouth Sheriffs equipment and supplies as per thier uniform regs can be bought at the following supply places:

Doughboy's Kingston, MA (Prices out of this world and attitudes to go with it.)


That is as far as I know who stocks our stuff!

I would to see a list form, so that our members new and old can look up where to go for thier dept's needs and good pricing, and service.

How about it!



Ps: A class mate told me about a gun shop around the back that is across the street from a bar call Castaways on RT 18 or 106, He promised me he get the name/ number.

Well, the guy charges $15.00 for 50 HP 165 gr ammo. That's a great price since M & M sportsing goods it cost me $23 & 25 for the same.

When I get the info I post it here for others to see.

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Re: How about we put together a list of Police Supply Stores

My personal favorite is Somerset Uniform, the ladies that run the place treat you great and do take care of you. They don't nickle and dime you to death for petty shit after you have already made a significant investment.

They are a little out of the way for me but are worth it!

Somerset Uniform
881 Wilbur Ave.
Somerset, MA 02725

P 508.675.5255
F 508.678.7170

E&S Police Supply is a fairly new shop but is coming along nicely, not much of a break on pricing (suggested retail) and the big wigs at Blauer are giving the guy a hard time and will not sell to him because the do not want to jeopardize the relationship with the second hand goods store (Andrea's). I have heard rumor (only a rumor) that the folks at Andrea's have family relations with the sales reps at Blauer and this is the reason that E&S is getting blackballed.

One item worth mentioning is that E&S sells some very nice Hand-Carved Coco bolo sticks for those of you that prefer traditional wood as compared to the expandable baton. They sell for roughly $75 each but are real nice and a small investment for something that you will use for your entire career.

E&S Police Supply
21 Riverbank Road
Attleboro, MA 02703

P 508.431.1403
F 508.431.1404

So get your lists together and submit them, if they are not already listed here I will add them. Maybe with member comments about the service and pricing and have some sort of ranking system 5 stars etc... based on the members of this board.

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Re: How about we put together a list of Police Supply Stores

Trippis on rt 9 in shrewsbury seems to be pretty good.
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