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Houston Officer Killed At Traffic Stop

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    HOUSTON -- Houston Police are mourning the loss of one of their own, who was fatally shot during a traffic stop on Sunday morning.

    Dozens of officers joined the victim's family at Memorial Hermann Hospital where the 11-year-veteran was pronounced dead.

    The officer was shot at 8:40 a.m., shortly after he pulled over a Dodge Durango at the Luxor Apartment Complex at 5801 Sunforest Drive.

    Police say the driver jumped out of the SUV and ran into the complex with the officer following close behind. Witnesses told police the suspect then turned around and shot the officer several times.

    He was rushed to the hospital by ambulance in critical condition, and an unconfirmed report suggests the officer may have been shot in the head at least once.

    Police are not sure if more than one person was involved in the incident or if the officer was able to return fire.

    Less than an hour after the shooting, Harris County Sheriff's Deputies apprehended a person of interest near West Green's Road and Veterans Memorial, but they stopped short of calling him a suspect.

    HPD says they have stepped up patrols in the area where the shooting occurred due to a high concentration of drug and gang activity.

    The officer's identity has not been released. Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt says the victim's wife and adult daughter have been notified, but they have yet to reach a son who is in the service and stationed in Italy.

    Mayor Bill White also released a statement to the media, asking the community to support the officer's family and fellow officers.

    "I encourage all Houstonians to keep the officer's family in their prayers. We are lucky to have people who risk their lives for our safety," said Houston Mayor Bill White.

    Houston police have a suspect in custody accused of fatally shooting an officer during a traffic stop on Sunday.

    The suspect, who police are expected to name later Monday morning, is charged with capital murder of a police officer and is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday.

    Police say the suspect shot Officer Tim Abernathy on Sunday at approximately 8:40 a.m. shortly after Abernathy stopped the suspect's Dodge Durango at the Luxor Apartment Complex at the 5800 block of Sunforest Drive.

    The man accused of killing Houston police Officer Timothy Abernethy has an extensive Harris County criminal history dating back at least to 1998, with convictions for offenses ranging from drunken driving to narcotics trafficking.
    Mabry Landor, also known as Marby Landor, was charged early today with capital murder in the slaying of Abernethy, an 11-year Houston Police Department veteran who was gunned down after a traffic stop.
    Landor, 28, pleaded guilty in November 2007 to driving while intoxicated after his arrest in July by a Harris County sheriff's deputy. It was his third DWI offense.
    Landor received a two-year prison sentence, according to Harris County criminal records, but it was not immediately clear this morning how much of that sentence he actually served.
    He was charged in January 2006 with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, pleading guilty later that year and receiving a two-year prison sentence.
    In April 2003, Landor was sentenced to 30 days in the Harris County Jail after he was convicted of delivering marijuana.
    In March 2005, he was charged with burglary after breaking into a home in Harris County. The charge was reduced to assault in December that year and Landor pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 333 days in the County Jail.
    Landor was convicted of assaulting a family member in August 2003, receiving a 35-day jail sentence after his guilty plea.
    In August 2002, he pleaded guilty in a Harris County hit-and-run case and was sentenced to 10 months behind bars.


    Officer Abernethy was working overtime yesterday in a part of northwest Houston so dangerous police include it in a "hot spot" program to put more officers on the street.
    Police say Abernethy pulled over a vehicle for a minor traffic violation and had submitted the car's license plate to a dispatcher -- when the driver ran.
    Abernethy, who was working alone, chased the man through an apartment complex.
    Witnesses say the man ducked behind a wooden gate and when Abernethy ran by -- the officer was shot in the head.
    Abernethy is survived by a wife and two children.

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    Vigil held for Houston officer shot in head

    In Court: Judge appoints two attorneys to represent Landor; Memorial: Colleagues, apartment residents attend vigil for HPD veteran

    By Brian Rogers, Jennifer Latson, Mike Glenn, Lindsay Wise
    The Houston Chronicle

    HOUSTON — People shivered under umbrellas in a dark parking lot Tuesday night to pay respects to Houston police officer Timothy Abernethy, whose death was described in a courtoom earlier in the day as a cold-blooded killing.
    Abernethy was shot Sunday morning after a traffic stop led to a chase on foot through a troubled northwest Houston apartment complex. Prosecutors allege that 28-year-old Mabry Joseph Landor III, out of prison on parole, shot the policeman three times, knocking him to the ground, and then walked over and shot the officer once more in the head from point-blank range.
    Tuesday night, church leaders arranged a flashlight vigil at the complex, Luxor Park, in Abernethy's honor. More than 100 people attended, including about 20 police officers, despite blustery wind and rain. Most of the others were Luxor Park residents, among them the handful who tried to help Abernethy in his final moments. They hoped the vigil would help improve relations between complex residents and the Houston Police Department, which they said was marred by mistrust on both sides.
    In a court hearing Tuesday morning, Harris County Assistant District Attorney Craig Goodhart told a judge that Landor led Abernethy on a chase through the complex, then turned and fired three shots that wounded the officer, knocking him down near the apartment playground.
    Goodhart said witnesses saw Landor walk up to the stricken officer and shoot him in the head while he lay on the ground.
    When Landor was questioned Sunday, he told police that his gun had fired accidentally after he tripped and fell, the prosecutor added. Landor made his brief court appearance Tuesday in handcuffs, clad in a yellow jumpsuit that signifies high-risk prisoners in the Harris County Jail, where he is being held without bail.
    State District Judge Michael McSpadden appointed attorneys Chuck Hinton and Kenneth Goode to represent Landor. He then granted their request that he prohibit police from trying to question Landor further about the incident. Hinton declined to comment on the case.
    A spokesman for the Harris County Medical Examiner's office said Abernethy died from gunshot wounds to the head and neck. Chief Investigator Beverly Begay said there was no indication that Abernethy had been wounded in the torso, arms or legs.
    HPD Capt. Bruce Williams said Abernethy was wearing a bulletproof vest during the shooting, but declined to comment on wounds or whether the vest stopped any bullets.

    A kind soul

    As Tuesday night's prayer vigil was set to begin in an apartment parking lot, Capt. Ceaser Moore stood alone in the dark playground, his head bowed near the stairwell where Abernethy had fallen.
    Moore was Abernethy's commanding officer in the North Division, and he had come to know Abernethy as a good worker and a kind soul.
    During Hurricane Ike, when Moore's power was out for two weeks, Abernethy invited him to stay with his own family, despite having a house full of in-laws who were also without electricity.
    Abernethy, a 43-year-old officer who had served 11 years with HPD, was working overtime Sunday as part of a special effort to put more officers on the streets in high-crime areas.
    While most residents appreciated the heightened police presence, some acknowledged there was a criminal element in the neighborhood that resented the intrusion.

    `It's scary as hell'

    Even as Abernethy lay dying, some people walked by without helping, seemingly oblivious to the officer's suffering, said 42-year-old April Alfred, one of several who tried to stanch the policeman's wounds.
    "In this community, some people don't want to get involved. You never know who you're dealing with," said Rose Dennis, who lives in the complex. "I've only been here three months, and it's scary as hell."
    Several elected officials spoke at Tuesday's vigil, urging both the city and citizens to work for harmony.
    "Police officers are our friends, and we need to treat them as such," said Houston City Councilman Jarvis Johnson. "This is our community, and we need to take it back. It's just not police alone who are going to make this neighborhood safer."
    Sheriff-elect Adrian Garcia asked residents to shake officers' hands on their way out of the vigil. As the crowd scattered in the rain, three officers standing against an apartment building found themselves in the midst of an informal receiving line, offered a barrage of handshakes and hugs.
    "Be careful," one woman said.

    Visitation: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday, Klein Champion Funeral Home, 16131 Champions Forest Drive. Abernethy's immediate family will receive relatives and friends from 4 to 7 p.m.
    Funeral: 11 a.m. Friday, Champion Forest Baptist Church, 15555 Stuebner Airline.

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    Each and everyday, we see and hear things that always make us question humanity. However, for those people who did walk by, they can still rest peacefully tonight because brave men like Officer Abernathy stand by to watch over them.

    RIP brother.
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    RIP brother

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