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Victim Volunteered At Hospital, Police Say

BOSTON -- A patient at a state hospital was held on $500,000 bail Thursday after he was charged with raping a child, according to Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley.

Vernon Lee Thompson, 38, a resident of the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital in Jamaica Plain, pleaded not guilty in connection with the rape of a 14-year-old girl who volunteered at the hospital.

Suffolk Superior Court Clerk Magistrate Gary D. Wilson ordered that Thompson have no contact with the victim, her family or any minor if he posts bail.
Officials said the victim first encountered Thompson in July, when he asked for her phone number and she, feeling sorry for him, gave it to her. Thompson allegedly approached the victim in one of the buildings on hospital grounds, placed his arm around her and guided her to an area where there were no cameras, officials said.

Thompson allegedly raped the girl twice, police said. A member of the hospital staff allegedly saw the two together and told them to separate as she walked by. She later disclosed the alleged rape to a family member.

"Too many times, victims of sexual violence are afraid to report the offense," Conley said. "Here we have a 14-year-old girl who was brave enough to tell a family member about an awful crime and a family that has supported her throughout her ordeal. Our goal now is to support them while holding this defendant accountable for his actions."

Thompson is scheduled to return to court on Dec. 22.

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Shattuck has some very sick people. WE don't even let people volunteer at the private hospital.

HOWEVER, Shattuck has a homeless shelter, various mental health wards, long term care/chronic ill unit, houses the state's only TB beds and of course the DOC long term care prisoners.

The area that hospital is in I would not want any 14 year girl going alone to. The story is vary vague. My guess is this may have been on the mental health ward (since this guy can actually move around to commit this crime), which everyone knows State Hospital patients are not just people who got a little bit depressed, they are severely persistant mentally ill, a good portion of them are in their own world and have no idea where they area, they're truely insane.
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