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Here are just some of the beautiful people of Hollywood who want you to vote for John Kerry, just like they wanted Al Gore in 2000.

1. Hugh Grant was arrested in June 1995 by Hollywood police who caught him in the act with hooker Divine Brown. The actor pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor lewd conduct charge and was sentenced to two years probation, and ordered to pay a fine. (This idiot was dating Liz Hurley at the time, needless to say they broke up soon after.)

2. Matthew McConaughey was arrested by Austin, Texas police in October 1999 and charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia after a neighbor called to complain about music blaring from the actor's crib. When they arrived they found McConaughey dancing around in the buff and playing bongo drums. The drug charges against McConaughey were eventually dropped, though the star did plead guilty to violating Austin's noise ordinance, for which he paid a $50 fine. (The report did not mention he was dancing around nude with another man present, no women, just another man…hhhhmmmm.)

3. Christian Slater was arrested at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport in December 1994 and charged with criminal possession of a weapon (the actor had packed a piece). Slater reached a plea agreement in early-1995 that required him to spend three days working with homeless children.

4. Macaulay Culkin was popped on drug charges. The 24-year-old actor, best known for starring in the "Home Alone" movies, was nabbed for possession of marijuana and a "controlled dangerous substance" for which he did not have a prescription.

5. Edward Furlong (The kid in the Terminator movies) was arrested for public intoxication following a bizarre incident--complete with lobsters!--at a Kentucky grocery store.

6. Robert Downey Jr. if you have not heard about this "brat pack" troubles, then you should get out more often. Drugs, booze, DWI, etc.

7. Tim Allen…Hush hush very quiet, but was arrested and served time for drug dealing as a young man.

8. Pee Wee Herman… Need I say more?

9. Nick Nolte was arrested by the California Highway Patrol on September 11, 2002 and charged with driving under the influence.


1. Yasmine Bleeth, the 33-year-old former Baywatch pinup was arrested on felony drug charges after she was allegedly caught with cocaine in her pocketbook following a Detroit-area car accident.

2. Carmen Electra was arrested by Miami Beach police in November 1999 and charged with battering her husband, former NBA star Dennis Rodman. However, charges against the "Baywatch" star were eventually dropped. (Please don't ask my opinion on her with Dennis Rodman.)

3. Former "NYPD Blue" star Kim Delaney was popped in Los Angeles in January 2002 for drunk driving. In February 2002, the actress pleaded no contest to reckless driving and was sentenced to probation and ordered to pay a fine.

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Dont half of these people benefit from Bush and get tax cuts. What the hell is Kerry going to do to make things better for them?

"Pee Wee Herman jokes are funny though, despite his perverse fantasies
Carmen Electra beating up Dennis Rodman is also funny too
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