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Home Range

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Been working on building a range at my house.
100, 300, and 200 yard mounds left to right.

The mounds started off at 4 feet tall and just had to get bigger and wider.

This little guy got it center mass, then I went for the kill shot and too out his nether regions.

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Congratulations! You have some great looking land there, a perfect spot for your own personal “play” area. Job well done. :t: It's great to see the process of building your own range, thanks to your pictures.
I'd need a tanker truck and we are NOFA

Officer Dunngeon";p="66424 said:
Great range!

It should be fully set up in about two weeks. I'm waiting on some targets and have to move some stuff around.
Then you guys can come out and plink.

USMCMP5811";p="66431 said:

So when are you going to host a meet and greet at that nice range of yours? :D
Casually shoot at targets with as many different firearms as the group will support.

Officer Dunngeon";p="66465 said:
Define "plink"... in full detail. :lol:
Great job, my man... great job. :thumbup: :lol:
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