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HOLYOKE - A city police officer shot a man in the shoulder who was threatening customers and employees in a McDonald's restaurant tonight, police said.

The suspect, a man in his 30s, was shot once through the shoulder. He was taken to Baystate Medical Center in Springfield by ambulance and was treated with surgery last night, said Police Capt. Arthur R. Monfette Jr.

"He is at Baystate and he is doing well," Monfette said. "It is a through and through (wound) and it is not life threatening."

Police were not able to ask the man's name before he was rushed to the hospital. The name nor rank of the officer who shot him was not released last night.

The incident started in the McDonald's restaurant at 285 Maple St. when customers and employees saw the man waving around an about 10-inch folding knife and making threats, Monfette said.

A female employee called police at about 7:40 p.m. asking for assistance. Officers responded and saw the man sitting in the restaurant that was filled with other customers as well. He refused to put down the knife when police asked, Monfette said.

Officers tried to subdue him with two canisters of a chemical spray, but it did not stop him, Monfette said.

"He lunged at one police officer (with the knife) and another one shot at him," Monfette said.

There were about six officers in the restaurant at the time of the shooting, he said.

After the shooting, police cordoned off the vicinity around the restaurant, located across the street from the War Memorial Building, with yellow crime tape. They closed a block of Appleton Street for about 40 minutes while they gathered evidence, said Lt. Michael J. McCoy.

The Massachusetts State Police Crime Prevention and Control unit is assisting with the investigation, as is standard procedure in a shooting involving a police officer, he said.

Monfette said the officer will probably be offered a few days off and counseling. The officer will likely be placed on desk duty until the investigation is completed.

The procedures are also routine, McCoy said.

Handfuls of people gathered in the area just after 8 p.m. A number said they had been in the restaurant just before or during the shooting.

Others were asked to go the police station. By 10 p.m. detectives started interviewing witnesses, including other police officers who were at the scene, Monfette said.

No employees at McDonald's were involved in the incident, according to a spokesman for the restaurant who declined to be identified.

Jose Luis Maldonado said he walked into the restaurant a little after 7 p.m. and the suspect was standing in the entrance.

He talked to him briefly and gave the victim a Gospel tract from his church, La Senda Antigua on Maple Street, which is near the restaurant.

Maldonado said that customers at the restaurant asked him if he was scared because the man had a knife.

Maldonado said the man was polite and he did not see the knife, but said there was a pile of belongings next to the man.

This is the first time in more than a dozen years a Holyoke police officer has shot anyone in the line of duty. The last time any officer killed a person on duty was more than 20 years ago.

There have been three other incidents in the region over the last two years in which a police officer has fired at a suspect.

Springfield police shot an 18-year-old Springfield man in the wrist on July 5 during a traffic stop. The officer mistook a beer bottle the man had for a gun and fired three shots.

District Attorney William M. Bennett later ruled the shooting accidental and did not press charges against officer Stephen Hill. A police internal affairs unit is reviewing the case.

On June 9, 2007, a West Springfield police officer, working undercover, shot a man in the leg when he came at her with a metal pipe. The officer was under cover in an attempt to retrieve a cell phone that had been reported stolen.

Springfield and state police shot and killed a 28-year-old New York man on March 13, 2007, during a shootout on Malden Street. The suspect, wanted on a warrant, opened fire and wounded a Springfield police officer before he was shot to death.

Bennett later ruled the shooting to be justified.

You gotta love the headline......"Holyoke Officer shoots man at McDonald's".

Like he was just there buying Happy Meals for his kids when the mean old police shot him for no reason. :rolleyes:

How about "Police save McDonald's patrons from knife-wielding lunatic"?

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HOLYOKE - The knife-wielding suspect, shot by police Tuesday evening as he threatened customers and police, in a McDonald's restaurant continues to recuperate at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, police said.

Sgt. Daniel F. Reardon shot the 51-year-old Springfield man when he lunged at a police officer with the knife, Capt. Arthur R. Monfette Jr. said.

Monfette said the suspect, Luis Antonio Rivera, 51, of 1400 State St., Springfield, arrested last night, is not expected to be arraigned until he is released from Baystate.

The round went completely through Rivera's shoulder and he was not seriously injured, Monfette said.

Rivera's condition was not available this morning.

Rivera, under police guard at Baystate, was charged with six counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, carrying a dangerous weapon and breach of peace while armed, according to police documents.

Reardon has been given a few days off. The incident remains under investigation by Holyoke detectives and state troopers with the Hampden County District Attorney's office, Monfette said.

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Man shot by Holyoke police had been shot in similar incident in 2007 in by Easthampton

by The Republican Newsroom
Thursday July 24, 2008, 10:47 PM

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HOLYOKE - A man shot by police Tuesday after he allegedly lunged at an officer with a knife was shot with a non-lethal bullet by Easthampton police a year ago after making similar threats, police said.

Luis A. Rivera, 51, was awaiting trial for assault with a dangerous weapon and other charges, when he was shot in the shoulder Tuesday in the McDonald's restaurant at 285 Maple St.

When comparing the July 31, 2007 Easthampton incident with this week's Holyoke shooting, Easthampton Police Capt. Donald C. Emerson said they are similar.

Rivera is scheduled for a final pre-trial conference Sept. 24 in Northampton Superior Court stemming from the Easthampton charges, a court official said.

Rivera, who underwent surgery for the shoulder wound at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, is to be arraigned on five counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, resisting arrest and carrying a dangerous weapon in Holyoke District Court Friday.

In Holyoke he was allegedly brandishing a knife in the restaurant at about 7:40 p.m. when an employee called police.

Rivera refused to put down the knife. Eventually Holyoke Police Sgt. Daniel F. Reardon shot him when he lunged at another officer, said Police Capt. Arthur R. Monfette Jr.

The Massachusetts State Police Crime Prevention and Control unit is investigating the shooting, he said.

In Easthampton, Rivera is being accused of refusing to drop a knife in an about 40-minute standoff with police at about 2:15 a.m. at the Pride Convenience Store on Union Street.

Officers originally responded to the call of a disoriented man. He paced inside the store and then went outside and pulled out a large knife and waved it at police, Emerson said.

He is being accused of threatening two drivers in the parking lot and trying to cut through a gas pump hose, Emerson said.

Police eventually shot Rivera in the hip with a bullet made of a sponge material that is capable of knocking a person down. He dropped the knife after he was hit, Emerson said.

Holyoke Police are not armed with nonlethal bullets so they did not have the option of using them. The incident also happened quicker, Monfette said.

"We did use pepper spray, it affected everyone in McDonald's but him," Monfette said, adding they used two canisters of the chemical spray.

Police tried to fend off Rivera by holding up chairs and knocking the knife from his hand.

"When he lunged at officers he did not have a choice," he said.
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