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Holster for a Glock 22

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Just curious as to what type of duty holster is best for a Glock 22. I am looking into buying a Safariland 6070 level III and want to see what you guys use... Any information would be greatly appreciated... before my purchase..
Thanks and Happy Holidays..
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Glock 22 Holster

Well the first concern would be what does your department policy mandate? If you've got the freedom to choose whatever you want, that's great.

I use a Safariland level II open top holster for my G22, I like it just fine. Furthermore, unless I wanna go nylon, it's what's mandated by my department. Obviously the level III is better for weapon retention, but that's more a personal preference.

On another level, I use a Gould & Goodrich leather paddle holster for details, no internal retention device, just a snap over the top of the weapon.
Safariland 070 SS III is a spectacular holster. I carried a Sig Sauer P220 in one for 2+ years. At the time, the holster was a personal choice of approximately 1/2 the PD. It was preferred over the issued Uncle Mikes level II jacket slot/low ride. The Safariland 070 SS III is extremely secure, but easy to draw. Comfortable mid ride and slightly forward angle. I know carry the Glock 22C in a Safariland 070 SS III (department got new weapons). The Chief opted to have everyone carry the Safariland 070 SS III after those of us who were familiar with it voiced our satisfaction.
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