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Published: August 01, 2008 12:22 am ShareThisPrintThis
Hit your stride in the Crane Beach sand
By Steve Landwehr
Staff writer

IPSWICH - There may not be a more beautiful backdrop for a low-key foot race than Crane Beach at sunset. More than 100 runners are expected to provide the foreground action during the 14th annual 3-Mile Sand Stride at the beach on Friday, Aug. 15.
The race is put on by the Ipswich YMCA as a fundraiser for the Ipswich/Georgetown high school track team. Captains Nick Antonucci, Alex Vlahos and Andy Vickery of Ipswich have assisted with organizing this year's run, along with Georgetown captain Luke Seaberg and coach Pat Rich.
Members of the track team will also be working the race.
YMCA Executive Director Gerry Beauchamp said the race poses a unique challenge for runners. While the shortest course to the midpoint and back is farther up the beach, "You're running in sand, so it will take you twice as long."
The race is run at low tide, and many will opt for running closer to the water, where the footing will be firmer, Beauchamp said.
"It's one of the prettiest runs you'll come across," he said.
If you go
What: 14th annual Crane Beach Sand Stride. Proceeds benefit the Ipswich Georgetown track team and the Ipswich YMCA.
When: Friday, Aug. 15, 6:15 p.m.
Where: Crane Beach, at the end of Argilla Road in Ipswich
Registration: Applications are available at the Ipswich YMCA, 110 County Road, or by e-mailing Gerry at [email protected]
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