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Does anyone know of any Campus Police Departments that will be hiring this up coming year? Things are not looking good on the Civil Service side of things with the number of people on the layoff list. Speaking of which, does anyone know how to check the status of that? Is there a site to go to and see who is on there from what department and stuff?

Thanks for you help everyone.
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For civil service, you can go to and click on "civil service exams" to view your standings. However, you can only view the standings for the towns you selected.
Off. Dunngeon,
Thanks for the reply. I did know about the civil service standings. What I was looking for was the Layoff information and where they were coming from.
Don't get discouraged by the layoff list folks... although there are alot of names on that list, many may not be looking to move to the town of your choice.

Look at MBTA, last year they hired 28 new Officers... only 7 were layoffs (all from Springfield). Not all towns are hiring from that list and some are doing a mix (some layoffs and some newbies). For the most part, not all of the layoff Officers are up to the task of packing up their families and moving to another area of the state. Hopefully in 2004, Worcester will be picking up 50 of these layoff PO's and that will really diminsh the list quite a bit.

Anybody else have an update on the Worcester Situation?? (of hiring 50 Officers)

Anyone know of any layed off PO's that decided to pack up and leave the Great Commonwealth of Assachusetts for a job elsewhere?
It was my understanding that town had to atleast try to hire off the layoff list first. Thas is was bothers me. So in the mean time, I have to look for something else, that's why I am looking at the campus police dpeartments.

I have yet to see anything in writing that mandates towns offering positions to those on the layoff list, but what RPD said is correct. The town notifies those on the layoff list that they have position(s) available, and gives a deadline. If nobody (or not enough) people sign from that list, postcards go out to those of us on the newly certified list.

If you were laid off in Springfield, and your family has lived there for several years, would you pack up and move just to take a job in a town 100 miles away? Or would you take it and commute 2+ hours each way? Or would you continue to wait it out for Springfield (or another department in the area) to re-hire you? It all depends on their situation. I did hear rumors from different sources about some of those on the list taking jobs in Hartford, CT.

When I saw the list about two months ago, the majority of candidates lived near Springfield or Taunton, the two departments hit hardest recently. Communities in central or northeastern MA will probably not get many takers from the layoff list.

-Mike :2c:
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Where did you see the list...It nice to now if the list is getting smaller. I am glad to hear that some may have gotten jobs in CT..

Everybody seems to be a bit off the topic on this thread, but in the end
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