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I knew a guy in the DOC that took a job with them; no regrets.
VOR: Thats where I see myself retiring in about 25 years. Too bad the Cardinals suck.



The Arizona Department of Public Safety is seeking dedicated individuals who have a sincere interest and strong aptitude for law enforcement work. As a Highway Patrol officer, you will have an exceptional opportunity to grow and advance in a challenging public service career.

Highway Patrol officers patrol the roadways of the state providing protection to the public through diligent enforcement of all traffic laws and other statutes. In performing this function, they investigate traffic collisions, direct and control traffic, apprehend violators, promote highway safety and assist other law enforcement agencies.

Job Announcement



The Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) invites applications for Cadet Officer and Highway Patrol Officer. An applicant who meets the minimum qualifications, but is not currently an AZ POST Certified Officer, may apply for Cadet Officer. Additionally, an AZ POST Certified Officer who does not meet the minimum qualifications for Arizona Highway Patrol Officer, may apply for Cadet Officer. The eligibility list established from this recruitment will be used to fill vacancies, depending on the hiring needs of the Department. Relocation may not be necessary.

SUMMARY STATEMENT: The Cadet Officer participates in an academy training program to learn the general duties of police work. Upon graduation from the academy, the Cadet Officer is promoted to Officer and attends the DPS advanced basic training, which includes Department policies, practices and standards. Applicants who meet the qualifications for an Arizona Highway Patrol Officer will also be required to attend the DPS advanced basic training. An Officer is a fully certified law enforcement officer who, under supervision, patrols highways, enforces laws and ordinances, investigates collisions, and performs related duties. DPS officers are assigned to locations throughout Arizona.

SALARY: Cadet Officers earn an annual salary of $34,974 while in training at the Pre-Academy and the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy (approximately 17 weeks). Upon graduation and certification, Cadets are promoted to Officer, with an annual salary of $37,096 Progression through the Officer classification includes Officer (midpoint level) with a current salary of $44,119 and Officer (maximum level) salary of $51,772. Certified Officer who laterally transfer to the agency will receive the Officer annual salary of $37,096.

Any questions about this position can be directed to:

Officer Paul Etnire
Phone: 602-223-2293
Email: [email protected]


Must be a citizen of the United States

Possess a High school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (GED)

Be at least 21 years of age at the time of graduation from academy

Possess a valid Arizona driver's license by the starting date. Documented proof will be required

Those who wish to compete as a Certified Officer must additionally meet the following qualifications.

Possess an AZ POST Peace Officer Certification

Served a probationary period and/or have been in a permanent position for a minimum of one year

Have been employed as a police officer within the last 18 months.
*Supporting documentation will be required.


Note: An applicant must pass each step of the process before moving on to the next step.


Screening for minimum qualifications.

Written examination - Applicant must pass a 100 item multiple choice test with a minimum score of 75%.

Physical fitness test - The test will consist of six events: sit-ups, push-ups, vertical jump, 1.5 mile run, 300 meter run and agility run. Each event will be scored individually as a pass/fail. Failure of an event will result in disqualification from the selection process and the applicant will not be allowed to participate in the remaining events.

Qualifications Appraisal Board - Applicant must pass an oral interview involving interpersonal skills and problem solving abilities.

Applicants successfully completing the first three steps will be ranked in numeric order by combined written (40%) and QAB (60%) scores on an eligibility list. Applicants who are claiming preference points and provide the appropriate documentation (i.e., DD214, etc.) will have 5% added to their final passing score. Candidates will be invited to proceed to the next phase of testing in the order of their rankings.

Polygraph examination - Applicant must successfully complete a polygraph examination.

Background investigation - Applicant must pass a background investigation which includes a history of the applicant's driving, civil and criminal records, employment, and use of illegal substances.

Psychological evaluation - Applicant must successfully complete a two-part evaluation including a written exam and an interview with a psychologist.

Medical examination - Applicant must successfully complete a pre-employment medical exam.

Pre-employment drug testing

Application Information

HOW TO APPLY: The Preliminary Application must be completed and signed. Application packages are available from the DPS offices listed below or you may print an application packet by clicking here. You will need Adobe Acrobat reader which you may download for free simply by clicking this link:

If you receive a packet from DPS Headquarters or from a district office, two forms must be completed and returned: the Preliminary Application for Cadet Officer and the computer scannable Application for Employment. The Preliminary Application for Cadet Officer must be completed on both sides. The Application for Employment must be filled out with a #2 pencil. Begin each column of information on the left. THE SCANNABLE FORM MUST NOT BE FOLDED, STAPLED, OR DAMAGED. Be sure to sign both applications.

Applicants that complete an online application do not need to submit a scannable application.

Applicants may call the DPS Human Resource Office at (602) 223-2290 to request the preliminary application package by mail. The application forms must be submitted to DPS Human Resources Section, PO Box 6638, Phoenix, Arizona 85005-6638 by 5:00 p.m. of the closing date; OR postmarked by midnight of the closing date and received by Human Resources within seven calendar days from the closing date. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application is received by the Human Resources Section by the deadline. Please do not return applications to any DPS office other than Headquarters.


2102 W. Encanto Blvd
Phoenix, AZ 85009 District 1
2319 E. Andy Devine
Kingman, AZ 86401 District 2
1100 W. Kaibab Ln.
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
District 3
2411 E. Navajo Blvd.
Holbrook, AZ 86025 District 4
2111 E. Gila Ridge Rd.
Yuma, AZ 85365 Metro Divisions
100, 200, 300, 500, 700
2610 S. 16th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85034
District 6
410 W. Centennial
Casa Crande, AZ 85222 District 8
6401 S. Tucson Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85706 District 9
2599 E. Tacoma
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
District 11
PO Box 2336
Claypool, AZ 85532 District 12
1216 E. Sheldon
Prescott, AZ 86301 District 14
11101 W. Peoria Ave.
Youngtown, AZ 85636

Pre-Employment Physical Fitness Test Requirements

The test will consist of six events: Sit-ups, push-ups, 1.5 mile run, 300 meter run, agility run and vertical jump. Each event will be scored individually as a pass or fail. The applicant must successfully complete each testing event to continue in the physical fitness testing.

Minimum requirements for the physical fitness test will be based on the following requirements:


1.5 mile run
16:00 (min:sec)

300 meter run
73.2 seconds

24 reps

Agility run
21.8 seconds

Vertical jump
12.8 inches

28 reps

1.5 MILE RUN - Walking is permitted, however the applicant must complete the test within the time frame indicated.

300 METER RUN - The applicant must run 300 meters within the allotted time frame.

PUSH-UPS - The applicant will start with the palms of the hands on the floor, arms straight, legs and back straight. A monitor will place a fist on the floor below the applicant's chest. When told to begin, the applicant will bend the elbow, keeping the legs and back straight, until the chest touches the monitor's fist and then return to the starting position.

AGILITY RUN - The applicant begins in a prone position with hands on the start line. On the mark of "Go" the applicant quickly gets to their feet and sprints 30' to the end of the far cone. The applicant's foot must touch or go past the line and then they must return to the start line and turn around the first middle cone. The applicant serpentines the four middle cones up and back; then repeats the sprint to the far cone and back to the finish line.

VERTICAL JUMP - The applicant begins with a recording of the standing reach position. Standing with one or both feet on the mark, the applicant will jump as high as possible. The distances between the standing reach position and the jumping mark will be recorded. The applicant will have three attempts with the best attempt counting as the final score.

SIT-UPS - The applicant will start by lying on the ground on their back with knees bent and feet on the ground. Bring the shoulders forward until the elbows touch the knees and then return to the start position. This will continue as many times as possible for one minute. The applicant's hands must be placed behind the ears, not allowing the fingertips to break the plane.

Continuous Testing for Cadet/Lateral Officers

The Department of Public Safety will offer testing in 2004/2005 for the classification of Cadet/Lateral Officer. Human Resources will be conducting examinations for the written, physical fitness and Qualifications Appraisal Board (QAB) portions of the hiring process. Please refer to the chart below for testing dates. Applicants eligible for testing will receive an invitation with the location and time for the next scheduled test.

Written & PT (Dates)
QAB (Dates)
Job Code- Cadet Officer Applicant
Job Code- AZPOST Certified Applicant

December (Yuma)

December (Phoenix)
Wednesday, Thursday

February (Phoenix)
Wednesday, Thursday

April (Phoenix)
Wednesday, Thursday

June (Northern Regional)
Wednesday, Thursday

August (Phoenix)
Wednesday, Thursday

October (Southern Regional)
Wednesday, Thursday

December (Phoenix)
Wednesday, Thursday

AZ Law Enforcement Academy Video

Click here to view the video if you have a broadband connection.
Learn more about what it is like to go through the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy by viewing the following video. This video requires RealPlayer. If you do not have RealPlayer, click:

You can also view this video at the following speeds:28.8k dialup 56k dialup
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