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By Allan Stein
GateHouse News Service
Posted Oct 07, 2008 @ 05:55 AM

Abington police captured a suspect in three recent unarmed robberies after seeing him a different light.
Even with flashlights, police were unable to find Jared Nisby, 19, who was thought to be hiding in the attic in his Hancock Street home on Sunday.
After Abington Fire Department Capt. Ronald Howe arrived at 37 Hancock St. with a thermal imaging camera, police were able to see Nisby behind a wall of thick insulation.
"I think he was shocked," Smith said. "I starting knocking (on drywall). 'Jared, I know you're there.'"
The arrest was made shortly after 11:30 a.m. Sunday, after a neighbor called police to report that Nisby walking on his property.
Smith said the neighbor had just read a newspaper story about Nisby being a robbery suspect.
Police surrounded the house and began looking for Nisby. After going inside, police decided that he might have climbed a ladder to get in the attic to hide.
"We went up there physically and looked in the attic (using flashlights)," Smith said. "We couldn't find him."
A thermal imaging camera, which measures differences in temperature, can be used to look for a person in a burning building - and someone who might be hiding in an attack.
As it turns out, Nisby had wedged himself between insulation and drywall in the attic. The camera could not detect him from the insulation side, but it could from the drywall side, Smith said.
Nisby was being held without bail Sunday at the police headquarters on a charge of unarmed robbery. He is scheduled to be arraigned today in Brockton District Court. He is accused of Friday's unarmed robbery at the Citgo gas station on Route 123. Police say he grabbed a stack of $20 bills from an open register drawer.
Nisby is also a suspect in unarmed robberies at the Wendy's restaurant in Whitman and the Family Dollar Store in Stoughton last week.
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