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Photo by John Wilcox
Police last night examine the scene where a man was fatally stabbed on Geneva Avenue in Dorchester.

A pair of off-duty Boston firefighters leaped into action last night to save the life of a man stabbed in Dorchester, but they were unable to stop the bleeding and the victim died, police and fire officials said.
Firefighter Joe Boucher, assigned to Ladder 19 in South Boston, and probationary Firefighter Alector Tavares both worked on the 20-year-old victim, who was stabbed in the chest and leg. Boucher had been returning home from dinner with his wife. Tavares, who lives in the neighborhood, had raced to the scene in flip flop sandals, Boucher said.
Police said calls poured in about 7 p.m. saying a man was stabbed near 343 Geneva Ave. The first cruisers were pulling up when Boucher - sitting in the passenger seat of his car, his wife behind the wheel - spotted the commotion ahead.
"He was bleeding real bad," Boucher said. "He still had a pulse. He was semiconscious. His eyes were open, but he wasn't talking."
While cops secured the scene, Boucher found a stab wound on the victim's leg, ripped off the man's belt and fashioned a tourniquet, he said. About that time Tavares raced over from his home, offering to help.
"We used a lot of direct pressure," Boucher said. "The training took over."
Boucher said he grabbed a stack of Boston Fire Department issue blue t-shirts from his car and used them to try and staunch the bleeding.
"We were both covered in blood," Boucher said. "I went home in my boxers."
Boston EMS crews arrived at the scene and took the victim to Boston Medical Center where he died.
Police said they have no suspects or motive for the murder. The victim's name was not immediately released.
Meanwhile, about two hours later a man was shot in the groin on Algonquin Street in Dorchester. He was rushed to Boston Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.
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