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ALLENSTOWN – Forty police officers using an armored car, body shields and rams raided a suspected illegal drug house in a drug-free school zone Wednesday night and arrested six people inside. Authorities seized 48 small bags of heroin worth an estimated $5,000 from the home of Rose Watterson, age 40, at 5 Whitten St., Apt. 5. She is charged with possession of heroin with intent to distribute and with trying to hide the evidence in her body parts. James Corriveau, 39, of the same address was arrested on a felony heroin warrant from Massachusetts.
The Allenstown Fire Department broke open a safe in the apartment that held additional drugs and a loaded pistol.
Pittsfield Police earlier arrested two residents of their community on drug charges and confiscated 12 small heroin bags right after the pair visited the Allenstown apartment. Suzanne Gross, 41, of 240 Dowboro Road in Pittsfield faces three counts of selling drugs and one count of possession, all felonies. Dennis Gross, 59, of the same address is charged with transporting drugs and with a parole violation.
Allenstown Police Chief Shaun Mulholland said the Pittsfield evidence gave the Central NH Special Operations Unit the probable cause for a forcible search. For months the State Police had been helping both local police departments in an undercover investigation.
"Street level dealers from all over were getting their heroin here," Mulholland said. "This was the hub. We wanted to shut it down before classes started."
Four others were arrested in the Allenstown apartment on misdemeanor drug possession charges: Kevin Folsom, 46, and Kevin Folsom, Jr., 19, both of 5 Whitten St., Apt. 5; Brandon Millette, 18, of 36 Liberty St. in Allenstown; and Daniel Millette, 17, of 56 Arlene St. in Belmont.
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