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The Associated Press

A suspect in the slaying of the leader of the San Francisco Hells Angels motorcycle gang a month ago surprised police in this small city in Oklahoma by turning himself in.
Christopher Ablett buzzed for assistance Sunday afternoon at police headquarters and said he wanted to surrender, Bartlesville Police Chief Tom Holland said.
"He was extremely cooperative; just as polite as could be," Holland said. "You had a hard time believing he was a guy who might have murdered someone."
Ablett, 37, of Modesto, Calif., is at the center of an investigation that made international news.
Hells Angels' San Francisco President Mark Guardado, 45, was shot and killed Sept. 2. Motorcyclists from around the world came to San Francisco to pay their respects.
Police in California had identified Ablett as a suspect in the case partly based on witness reports that tied someone fitting his description to the scene of the shooting. Police searched his Modesto home, seizing a motorcycle and other evidence.
Ablett is said to be a member of the Mongols Motor Club, a rival of the Hells Angels. Recent reports in California have linked assaults, shootings and pipe bomb explosions to tension between the groups.
When officials ran Ablett's name and fingerprints through their system, they found nothing tying him to any Oklahoma case.
Ablett then suggested that they expand their search nationally. As the California warrant for his arrest popped onto the screen with a $5 million bond attached, Ablett told the officers, "That would be me," Holland said.

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