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Published: August 02, 2008 03:51 am ShareThisPrintThis
Heard Around Town: Fireworks to be followed by gridlock

As thousands get ready to converge on the city for the annual fireworks, police Lt. Richard Seimasko has some advice for those looking for parking.
"Get here early," he said. "And the farther away you park the better, because the easier it will be to leave."
Seimasko said anyone hoping to leave the downtown area shortly after the end of the 9:15 p.m. fireworks show will be out of luck. The entire downtown will be shut off for a time after the fireworks to allow the crowds to disperse. Drivers on the Water Street side will be sent east, and cars on the Merrimac Street side will be sent west.
But neither will move quickly.
"No traffic moves until the bulk of the traffic is out of town," he said. "We hold up traffic to get the pedestrians out, then it's gridlock for 45 minutes to an hour."
The streets should be clear by 11 p.m.
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