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Health Insurance?

Discussion in 'MPTC' started by triplethreat, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. triplethreat

    triplethreat MassCops Member

    If one were to self sponsor for the full time academy, obviously they can kiss any full time job buh-bye.. but out of curiosity do they offer any type of health insurance like a college would ? ... asking for a friend:D
  2. Oakum yokum

    Oakum yokum MassCops Member

  3. kdk240

    kdk240 MassCops Member

    Nope and you need to have and maintain your coverage during academy.
  4. triplethreat

    triplethreat MassCops Member

    wonderful, any pointers.. not sure I'd get accepted by Mass Health..:rolleyes:
  5. Oakum yokum

    Oakum yokum MassCops Member

    If your accademy is at a MSP facility,
    Refer to the evening news for do's & dont's
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  6. Rogergoodwin

    Rogergoodwin MassCops Member

    If your unemployed during the academy I don't see why you wouldn't be eligible for mass health. After college i bartended for a bit and since my income was so low I easily got "commonwealth care". It was great. No co-pays.
  7. triplethreat

    triplethreat MassCops Member

    I believe once I leave my current benefits at Umass, I'll qualify for COBRA for up to a year. But just seeing what other options there are. It always seems that the people who actually need "commonwealth care" never gets it, and those who should have it. . do. GAH... to have no co pays, how nice that would be!
  8. pahapoika

    pahapoika Subscribing Member

    Remember some of the guys in the R/I Academy getting a kind of cheap, Fufu insurance.

    Basically a joke since the deductibles were insane but qualified as "insurance".

    Home Depot apparently has decent health insurance even for their part timers. Might have to work that 90 days or something before qualifying.

    Swinging full-time Academy and a part time job would be tough, but do what you have to do blah, blah, blah ;)
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  9. triplethreat

    triplethreat MassCops Member

    I'm going to leave my current job at Umass, but COBRA takes affect once your officially no longer working for them apparently for a "small weekly fee" it'll just continue my current benefits for a year.

    I'm hoping to stay employed at the other 2 PDs and the FD and pick up shifts or details here and there depending on the work load of the academy... but who knows. :cool:
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  10. Oakum yokum

    Oakum yokum MassCops Member

    Some accademy policies, don't allow outside employment
  11. pahapoika

    pahapoika Subscribing Member

    Wonder what they doing at Fitchburg State ?

    Would imagine the college has some kind of way to insure candidates ?
  12. visible25

    visible25 Supporting Member

    Probably what most colleges do now anyway, must have own healthcare options (as most students are on their parents until 26) I'm sure it's a similar set up?
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