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I spoke with Walther's (really S&W) Customer Service today about two relatively new P99 mags. Customer Service advised me that Meggar had some serous quality issues with the mfr of the plastic bases of their mags some time ago (the gun was purchased early 2002 with 2 mags and another 2 Walther/1 S&W mags were purchased this past May) and there were many failures reported. So you might inspect the bases and see if there are any fractures at the groove. CS is mailing me replacement bases. They also told me that the ones marked S&W are fine and never had this problem.

Here's a description of the problem and an attached picture of the failed part in the first instance. Apologize for the poor photo quality, but it was taken with my cell phone camera just to be able to send it to Walther CS.

I had a Walther P99, .40 Mag disassemble on me a week ago as I was practicing prior to a shooting this past week with our Police Department. I am a Constable and this is a firearm that I was planning on evaluating for carry on the job. [After being convinced that my H&K USP Compact's horrid trigger was causing me undo problems, and prior to getting a few problems ironed out in the S&W 1911 I recently purchased.]

The P99 probably has ~250-300 rds thru it and I was shooting PMC 165gr FP factory ammo. Last round in the mag fired and I heard "ping" as the mag spring hit the bench below my hand. The base of the mag broke into two pieces. The mag base broke apart at the slot where it slides into the mag tube. The other side of that mag base is also cracked thru at the tail end and would also have fractured soon.

The last round fired normally, there were no barrel obstructions or damage to the gun. This is strictly an early mortality failure of the mag.

This week, as I was about to head to the range to meet up with the PD instructor, I loaded the other 4 P99 mags and suddenly another mag splits the same way! [I did check and verified that I wasn't trying to stuff 11 rounds into the 10 round mag.]

All I can say is that a failure like this really instills confidence in the gun as a carry piece . . . NOT!
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