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Harvard University Police Dept.

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Does anyone know if HUPD is hiring anyone for this year? I have heard that they do not administer a test? What is the hiring process like? If anyone has any info, i would be appreciative.
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From what I've seen, you should just watch for an opening on the University website, and then you apply as instructed. They also keep applicant info on file for awhile, but your safest bet is to keep an eye on the ads. Good luck.
Right now we have 5 in the MBTA Academy and as far as I know they probably will not be hiring for awhile. Send your resume' so they have it on file and when future openings are available they will contact you for an interview.
Just an FYI about sending a Resume to Harvard. I did it and they sent it back. Their letter stated that they do not accept resumes any longer for non-open positions.
Whi did you send it to Harvard or the Police Department?
Just posted on 4/29/05: HUPD is looking for police officers. Check it out! :shock:
where did you see that havard was hiring
What's the deal with Harvard PD? Good money? Deal with a lot of BS????
You've convinced me. The paperwork is in the mail. Keep it on the QT! :sh:
i applied too seeing how have little experience i doubt ill get a call but atleast im trying.

its so hard to get experience when no one is willing to give you it.
Hey hupd451, I have an interview coming up this wednesday (5/25/05) at HUPD. Could you tell me how the interview process is set up. How many are on the interview board?, what questions or scenarios they might ask me? What can I expect? Is it like a regular Police interview or is it more relaxed? Could you give me a few pointers to better prepare myself. Thanks alot.

When did you get the call? I sent in my resume and application last week and haven't heard a thing a yet. I hope with 5 spots that I at least get a seat at the interview.
Me too Bap, so I sent an inquire about my paperwork. HR replied by stating that my paperwork was never received. In addition to that "sorry" was another stating that "due to the overwhelming response, we are no longer accepting applications/resumes." Isn't that just ducky? :cry:
I also would like to know when they contacted you for an interview. I sent an application,but have yet to hear anything.
Sorry guys, maybe I should not have said anything. I was inquiring about the Interview and it's process. Good luck to all of you.
PM me and I will try and give you some help.
Yes, he is the Chief of Staff/Captain of the Patrol Division.
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