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Harvard hooligans: Cops vow crackdown on rowdy drunks
By Tom Farmer
Monday, November 22, 2004

Furious over the drunken behavior of students and fans who attended the storied Harvard-Yale football game Saturday, Boston police vowed a future ban on student tailgating and a renewed crackdown on out-of-control parties in Allston and Brighton.

Reacting to multiple arrests near Harvard Stadium and a raucous house party in Allston reportedly attended by blitzed Crimson football fans, BPD Capt. William Evans said he will make sure Harvard students never again receive city permits allowing them to consume liquor at football games.

``From what we could see there is a different way of partying now. They are drinking heavily. They are drinking hard stuff - Jack Daniels, tequila. I think the end result of it is what happened (Saturday) night,'' said Evans, who commands Allston-Brighton.

After issuing criminal summons to two underage drinkers outside the Harvard-Yale game Saturday - including a 19-year-old woman who poured wine on an officers's shoes - police arrested five people at a loud party on Sawyer Terrace after neighbors complained of revelers urinating on their homes.

When police pulled up, they observed John E. Dinelli, 24, of New York City, urinating on the side of a house with a can of beer in his hand. ``What's the big deal? The line inside for the bathroom is too long,'' Dinelli allegedly told police. Dinelli was charged with indecent exposure, public drinking and disturbing the peace.

When police tried to break up the party of 50 people, three residents and a guest allegedly became ``belligerent'' and refused to cooperate. ``(Expletive) you,'' Mark D. Lees, 25, of Allston allegedly yelled at the officers. Lees told officers the party was full of Harvard fans celebrating the Crimson's win over Yale and that the officers ``had no idea who they were messing with.''

Apartment residents Kaitlin F. O'Brien, 23, Meghan M. O'Brien, 24, and Caitlin L. Costello, 23, were also charged with disturbing the peace and keeping a disorderly house.

``I think you see what we are up against,'' said Evans. ``The police go to the door and there is no respect. We are continually being challenged. We are continually being assaulted. These kids could care less,'' he said citing other arrests in Brighton early Saturday and again yesterday.

Seeing no decline in student hooliganism, even after an Emerson College student was accidentally killed by police in rioting after a Red Sox game last month, Evans said he will move to ban future student tailgating.

Evans said the Harvard student union applied for and received a one-day liquor and entertainment license for student tailgating on a field off Western Avenue and North Harvard Street. The partying there included blocks of ice for ``luging'' booze into drinker's gullets, police said.

Evans said he will not seek to ban traditional tailgating by older fans in a different area near Harvard Stadium. A Harvard spokesman responded to a request for comment but was unable to reach a university dean to make a statement.
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