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Happy birthday dear goose thief

TAIPEI (Reuters) - Police in Taiwan served a lonely man cake and sang
happy birthday after arresting him for stealing a goose to celebrate on his
own, an officer in charge said on Friday.

Police in the southern township of Neipu treated the 49-year-old suspect,
surnamed Lee, on Thursday after they caught him making off with the bird
from a betel nut plantation, said Hsiao Chi-liang, second in command at
the local police station.

"It was his birthday and he stole it to celebrate, so we bought him a
cake," Hsiao said. "He was very surprised."

Officers took pity on Lee because he was poor, single and living in a
shabby home, Hsiao said.

A Taiwan newspaper showed the dishevelled criminal suspect in the police
station shovelling his single-serving of cake from a plastic take-out box.

Nevertheless, police have sent Lee's case to the prosecutor's office for
possible trial.;_ylt=AretQ8y_9Lik83TZOy8E10udk3QF
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