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Brian Fountaine, right, made the first Veterans Walk through Boston on a pair of prosthetic legs.

BOSTON (WBZ) ― Organizers hope it will become an annual event: the Veterans Day Walk Through Boston, held for the first time Tuesday along the Freedom Trail.

Leading the way is a man who lost his legs to war.

"Veterans Day is a day of remembrance, not just a day off from work or school," said Iraq War veteran Brian Fountaine of Plymouth.

For Fountaine, it's a great day for a walk - a 12-mile mission.

"We're starting Freedom Trail to Bunker Hill and back again," he said.

He's doing it on two prosthetic legs.

"I gotta pay attention to where I'm walking ... especially the old cobblestones everywhere," Fountaine said. "The old streets."

Fountaine, 26, lost his legs in 2006, when a bomb exploded under his Humvee.

"They might have taken a couple pieces of my body but not my spirit," he said.

And it's that spirit that has pushed him to help his friend Matt Hagan raise money for injured vets.

"We decided we really wanted to help other people who just wanted to start up again," Fountaine said.

The plan is to be out for 12 hours, until Veterans Day officially ends.

Fountaine's example prompted other veterans to make the walk, including firefighter Mel Creary.

"He's a great person," Creary said. "He is an inspiration."

Brian's firefighter dad, Paul, is also a veteran.

"It's a great ending to a bad beginning," Paul Fountaine said of his son's effort. "There's nothing he can't do ... he won't do."

Brian Fountaine wants to make this walk every year, to show what it's like to walk in a veteran's shoes.

"The United States were built on the backs of soldiers and Marines," he said.

It may take 12 miles to prove it, but it's a mission Brian Fountaine takes in stride.

Fountaine and Hagan are raising money for five veterans' charities.

For more information, click here.
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