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Hello all. I've been told that loss prevention officers need to take a course on the proper use of handcuffs / safe detainment. I can not find any law or case law that supports that, nonetheless I would like to be covered in the event I do need to use them. Does anybody know of either an online or in person course where I can obtain this certification? Before I get comments saying security can not use handcuffs in MA, MGL CH. 321 S. 94B allows an agent of the merchant, authorized for the purpose of detainment so long as the detainment is in a reasonable manner and for not more than a reasonable length of time, to make a detainment on those who commit shoplifting or larceny of personal property of the employees or customers present on the premises. I work directly for a department store and I am authorized to make detainments in accordance with company policy, which includes the use of reasonable force, and use of handcuffs. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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