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Hailstones blasted man off toilet

An Austrian man is demanding substantial damages after he was blasted
off the toilet when huge hailstones started shooting out of it.

Martin Bierbauer said: "I heard the pipes rumbling a bit, and suddenly
hailstones the size of golf balls started exploding out of the toilet like it
was a popcorn machine.

"There was an avalanche of ice that quickly filled the toilet, then the
entire flat, and eventually the entire building.

"I ran down the stairs with the hailstones following me, and other
residents did the same."

Another resident, Silvia Streit, said: "I grabbed a board and put it over the
toilet, but the pressure was so great, I ended up sitting on the board as
the hail flowed through the flat and down the stairs."

Freak weather has led to temperatures of over 35 degrees centigrade in
Austria which a few days later plunge to near zero as freak hail storms
batter the country.

The incident at the block of flats at the Tinhof Strasse in Eisenstadt south
east of the capital Vienna was caused by hailstones flooding into a local
drain during a torrential downpour, which became blocked.

Local council spokesman Wolfgang Leinner said: "The pressure was too
great, the hailstones had to go somewhere and they came out through
the toilets it seems."

Poor guy just wanted to drop the kids off at the pOOl and ended up getting his rocks, I mean hailstones off instead.........
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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