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Hacked yet again! So long phpBB

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Well today was the last straw! I am done with open source message boards. They are too easy for script kiddies to exploit and are just too much of a bother to maintain.

I will be attempting to figure out how this vBulletin software works over the next few days so bear with me.

Sorry for the down time it took a while to import the phpBB database and get all of the permissions set correctly.

You will probably have to upload your avatars again. Any other problems let me know.

Thanks for your understanding.

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vB works for me :)
kwflatbed said:
Wolfman what do you think of FireFox I was thinking of trying it?
I am not Wolfman but Firefox is very good. Almost every single page you can open with IE you can with Fierfox (95-98%). It has nice features and is simple to use. If you have problems with IE, get tons of popups, or want something new try Firefox. :thumbup:
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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