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H&K USP/45 Compacts for Sale

Discussion in 'Police Duty Gear For Sale / Wanted' started by msw, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. msw

    msw MassCops Member

    Besides being a full time cop, I am also an Authorized Dealer for H&K. I'm currently overstocked with brand new H&K USP/45 Compact Pistols (V-1), with night sights and three mags. $665.00 each, plus shipping to your FFL Dealer. FOR SALE TO COPS ONLY!

    Also have lower prices (than ordering from the factory) on H&K machine guns and other weapons and accessories for sale to agencies only.


    PM me for more info, or e-mail to: [email protected]

    MARINECOP MassCops Member

    What would be the price for a MP5/40? I am a LE officer.
  3. Killjoy

    Killjoy Zombie Hunter

    Careful, marinecop, you tread on dangerous ground, its not enough to simply be a cop to go out buy machine guns...big brother BATF is always watching!
  4. Channy1984

    Channy1984 Subscribing Member

    In regards to the price of an MP5 SMG, You would probably be looking at around 2 or 3 grand. On top of that you need a Federal Firearms Permit from ATF and a very good explanation of why you want one which is probably near impossible to get in MA. If you do get it, Federal Agents will be coming to your house constantly to account for it and any other automatic weapons you might have.

    You can get semiautomatic rifles (preban AR15s, Benelli M1s, etc) with a MA Class A LTC. Just be sure your department allows it.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous New Member

    As stated your would need a department purchase letter for the MP-5

    That being said we have been demoing the HK UMP in .40 and .45 caliber and they are doing very well. The venerable MP-5 is s-l-o-w-l-y on it's way out as departments are looking for something cheaper and are interested in upgrading.

    My price for the MP-5 in .40 caliber is somewhere at $1400 new, used if they can be found...about $1200 or so depending on condition.
  6. Travismaine

    Travismaine Guest

    Ok fist off there is no such thing as a " Federal Firearms Permit '" I am guessing you meant a FFL ( Federal Firearms Licence ) . But that would be wrong also ! All you need do is fill out a few papers and get a 200 dollar tax stamp ( NAF ) weapon . All Americans who do not live in states such as Mass , NJ, NY, CA and MD are free to own these types of firearms . Yes thats right Machine guns and suppressors also.

    Second you said " Federal Agents will be coming to your house constantly to account for it and any other automatic weapons you might have " where the hell did you hear this ? Never happen . The only reason ATF Agents will be coming to your house is if your a FFL dealer and you wish to sell class 3 firearms IE Machine guns and suppressors in that case they are only there to insure you have adequate storage for such weapons.

    The only thing you said that was correct was that it would be near impossible to get them in MA but that your own fault for electing people that take your rights ..



    "Every citizen has a right to keep and bear arms and this right shall never be questioned."
  7. LenS

    LenS New Member

    As the owner of H&K USPc in .40 and .45, they are nice guns (and your price is good) but not something that I'd run out and buy for carrying purposes (the few that are available in MA by private sale typically go for $800-900 used with low-cap mags). After running ~600 rds in 3 days during a defensive handgun tactics course last Summer (and another 1K rds after the course) I learned a lot about that gun (I shot the .40) . . . that the trigger does NOT contribute well to accuracy or effective trigger reset. I've discussed the issue with H&K in VA and some gunsmiths subsequently and there aren't a lot of good options. Therefore, I've retired those guns to my safe and am carrying the Walther P99 .40 and S&W 1911 .45 these days and will use the 1911 for two upcoming courses over the next 5 weeks (3-day est ~600 rds in June and 4-day est 1K rds in July) and bringing the P99 as a backup (in case of any failure of the 1911).

    I'd guess that the OP is a non-MA FFL since MGLs in 1998 did NOT include a LE exemption on the sale of handguns that aren't on the EOPS "List" {ref C 140 S 123 eighteenth and following paragraphs). On letterhead, the agency can purchase guns from any FFL in the US (except MA FFLs), but MA FFLs can't legally sell them any guns that aren't on the List. I doubt that the AG would prosecute on a LE sale since that would be "career limiting" to his ambitions to become total czar of MA, however reading Ch. 180 of the Acts of 1998 (now incorporated into Ch. 140 MGLs) you can see that there is no LE exemption. The AG's regs do exempt LE agency or LEO handguns from his "product safety" regs, but the law doesn't track the same.

    - MGLs allow a MG Permit to be issued to ONLY two classes of people (again changed in 1998): certified LE firearms instructors and/or "bona-fide collectors" (a C&R FFL qualifies you). That is the MA permit you need to possess one. Since it is a discretionary permit, there are some chiefs who will absolutely refuse to issue them, so you need to do some checking first.
    - Fed paperwork is also required and a $200 transfer tax, plus a multiple month wait for BATF approval prior to taking possession for any individual owned full auto. Per Fed Law, all full autos must have been mfd prior to 1986 (almost certain of the date), so no new ones are available to individuals.
    - LE agencies can purchase full auto on letterhead, but ownership and responsibility falls on the department.
    - BATF reserves the right to inspect the storage and possession of any full auto guns at any time. So, yes you do give up your right to searching your home without a warrant if you own full auto and store them in your home. The likelihood of the BATF marching on someone's house at midnight for shits and grins is nil, but if they are looking for something, you do give up some of your rights in order to be an owner of full auto.
  8. Channy1984

    Channy1984 Subscribing Member

    some guy I know told me one of his relatives has a FFL and disclosed that info to me, but at the same time details of certain laws and regulations regarding firearms get twisted around so correct me if what I said is not true.

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