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A robbery and shooting was reported Wednesday morning at a West Chester hotel.

It happened around 4 a.m. at the Microtel Inn & Suites on the 500 block of Willowbrook Lane.

Police were still at the scene late Wednesday morning, and crime tape surrounded the hotel.

Investigators said two armed gunmen entered the hotel, tied up an employee, beat him up and tried to get into the safe.

Police surrounded the building while this was going on, interrupting the robbery.

The robbers apparently panicked and tried to get away. Investigators said one gunman jumped from a window and fired at police. Those officers fired back, and the gunman was killed.

The other suspect was taken into custody, police said.

"The two robbers were masked, they were wearing gloves and the both were armed. They had tied up one of the employees at the Microtel and beaten him up and were attempting to get into a safe," Prosecutor Patrick Carmody said.

"This was a very dangerous situation. The hotel has guests, et cetera, and both of these men were armed. Both of them were ready to do business. We're investigating the actions, but the police officers shooting in this case seems entirely appropriate," Carmody added.

West Goshen and East Whiteland police responded to the scene. The investigation is being handled by Chester County detectives.

The names of the two suspects were not being released Wednesday morning.

No guests were harmed, and none of the people staying at the hotel had to be evacuated
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