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By Norman Miller/Daily News staff
MetroWest Daily News
Posted Aug 29, 2008 @ 11:59 PM

A handgun and ammunition were among the items stolen from a parked car on Brookdale Road sometime late Thursday or early Friday, police said.
"We want to get that back," Sudbury Police Lt. Rick Glavin said.
Two vehicles were broken into on Brookdale Road. In one of the vehicles, the owner had a .40-caliber handgun, as well as full magazine and some cash, in a locked pouch, which was locked inside the vehicle.
The gun was not loaded at the time, and police don't know wheer the thieves realized there was a weapon in the pouch.
"We're hoping if there is a young person involved, we'd hope they're in over their head and would approach an adult they know and trust and not compound things for themselves," Glavin said.
It is unclear whether the pouch is considered a legally proper way to store a gun in a vehicle.
"The entire matter is under investigation and that is something that is being looked at," Glavin said.
A global positioning system was stolen from the second vehicle that was broken into, the lieutenant said.
Anyone with information about the breaks or the gun is asked to call Sudbury Police at 978-443-1042.
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