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GROVELAND - Police are warning residents about a phone scam in which callers say they are doing a fundraiser on behalf of the Police Department.
Police said they have gotten complaints from several residents who received calls. They said the callers identified themselves as members of the Police Department who are raising money for youth football.
The callers do not give out an address or phone number, and ask residents to leave the checks taped to the front door of their homes to be picked up, police said.
Deputy police Chief Jeffrey Gillen said the department is participating in no such fundraiser.
"People should not respond to these phone calls," he said, adding police are investigating the calls.
While police are concerned about the calls, the local branch of Pop Warner youth football does have a yearbook fundraiser going on, said local Pop Warner Vice President Rick Alberigi. However, the organization is not working with any local police departments to conduct it, he said.
"We are working with a company called Production Marketing Services," Alberigi said.
This is the first time that local Pop Warner officials have worked with Production Marketing Services, he said. It seems to be going smoothly as they are receiving checks from sponsors, he said.
He did not know what methods the marketing services group uses to collect the checks, but said if residents want to sponsor the yearbook they can send a check directly to Pop Warner, Attention: Treasurer, P.O. Box 767, Byfield, MA 01922.
Alberigi had heard rumors about a scam, but thought they were just that. He said he will look into Production Marketing Services' methods of collecting money to make sure the group is not telling residents it is affiliated with the Police Department.
Pop Warner is a nonprofit organization founded in 1929 that organizes youth football and cheerleading programs for children ages 4 to 16. The local branch, Triton Pop Warner, includes children from Groveland, Georgetown, Byfield, Newbury, Rowley, Salisbury, Newburyport, Amesbury and West Newbury.
Gillen said he does not want to discourage residents from participating in local fundraisers, but he also wants people to be careful.
"If they do not know the specific name, number and address of the organization, then they should not participate," he said.

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