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Photo by John Wilcox

By Laura Crimaldi
Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hunter Dann Brown believes he's one of a kind in the Bay State.
"I'm probably the only quadrapelegic that I know of in Massachusetts that hunts," said the veteran outdoorsman.
Dressed in camouflauge and flanked by volunteers, Brown is part of a dedicated group of hunters who don't let their wheelchairs get in the way of their pursuit of game in the great outdoors.
"For some of these folks, this is their only opportunity to be outdoors," said Marion Larson, an outreach coordinator for MassWildlife.
The state began organizing a deer-hunting season exclusively for paraplegic hunters in 1972. The three-day hunt, which ended yesterday, unfolds on the grounds at Fort Devens, Quabbin Park and two pieces of private land in Berkshire County.
At the Fort Devens hunt Friday, Brown used a prosthesis designed to help him pull the trigger on his weapon. He sat in a camouflage shelter waiting to spot a deer.
At least one Fort Devens hunter had a successful day Friday, killing a 130-pound doe with a single shot, said Larson. After the kill, the hunter immediately started to plan out menus for his catch.
Brown expressed appreciation for the volunteers who assist at the hunt.
"My wife wouldn't bring me. She's not a big hunter," he said. "Without them, I wouldn't be able to do any of this."

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