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I like the idea of knowing where these A-holes are and monitoring their every move with GPS. However, hopefully if these scumbag sex offenders commit crimes the courts are smart enough to SEND THEM AWAY for a long time so there are not that many out roaming the need to track them. Ofcourse, this is the courts were talking about so any rational punishment probably does not get applied.

Afterall, the GPS is good, however it does not let the person monitoring them know exactly what their doing, (ie: reoffending), hence, being behind bars is the best method of control.

Anyone know of any states with jails/prisons with strictly sex offenders? Other than a "treatment" (and I use that term lightly) setting. Just curious how other states are handling the issue.
i, do not thank they are aholes they infact have a sicknes which must be treated at a hospetal, and not by gps,s do you, really thank radio waves from gps,s will help behavier maybe drugs will but gps wont i, this writer, beleives that the money would be better
Please tell me that you are playing a joke. What is with the spelling on this and other posts? It makes Ebonics look like the Queen's english.
LOL.... I like his spelling it makes me feel better about mine :)
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