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Police Follow Trail Of Truck After Theft

Video: GPS Used To Track Down Stolen Truck

LONDONDERRY, N.H. -- GPS technology helped lead police to a man suspected of stealing a landscaping truck and thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

Londonderry police said a $30,000 truck stolen from Professional Landscaping Management Co. in June was equipped with a special GPS designed to allow the company to track the movement of its employees.

Police were able to go to a Web site, type in a password and follow the truck's trail Londonderry to Goffstown and finally to Manchester, where it was parked on Joliette Street.
"It reduced to a couple of hours our ability to find the truck," Capt. Bill Hart said. "That could have taken really anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks."

Police asked the owner of the landscaping company if any of his former employees lived in the area and were led to Sean Lavallee, 29.

Police delayed charging Lavallee in June because he was picked up in connection with an unrelated crime. Investigators said other arrests are possible.

The GPS in the truck also led police to a house in Goffstown where the stolen equipment was recovered, police said.
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