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Gotta love the Internet! All those frivolous adventures that used to be just chatted about can now be posted on the internet for all your friends to see!! But wait, there's more!! For all those folks who think that what they've done will never be discovered by their background investigator...

I like this one:

1. Hey Kevin, Tinker Bell wants her outfit back

It's bad enough to dress up like you're about to slip a dollar under some toothless child's pillow. But former intern Kevin Colvin made it much worse by asking his boss at Anglo Irish Bank if he could take time off for a "family emergency in New York," then flitting off to a Halloween party dressed like a refugee from "Peter Pan." Putting the faerie pix on his Facebook profile was the finishing touch. After his boss found the pictures, he responded by attaching the photo in question and blind-copied the entire office. Colvin lost his internship and what was left of his reputation when the e-mail messages went flying across the Internet; at least he got to keep the wand.

Don't worry... That kid will be registering here soon and wondering why he got a ticket on 495 for going 95 because he was driving an SUV.
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