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Google unveils booze-proof email

We've all sent emails we regret after stumbling back home late at night in
a fog of alcohol-fuelled bravado - a pathetic plea for reconciliation with an
old flame, forwarding furry porn to your grandma, or accepting job offers
to work at Metro. The sign of an ill-advised night is no longer a traffic
cone on your oven the next morning, but something titled 'IVE WANTD TO
SAY THIS FOR A LONG TIEM JEREMY' lurking guiltily in your Sent Mail

If only there was some kind of drunkenness detector that could stop you
from baring your virtual soul to loved ones and authority figures after a
night on the funny juice. Well, now there is.

Google have just unveiled a feature for Gmail called Mail Goggles. It allows
you to specify times and days when you fear you might be a bit tipsy
(say, after 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays) - and if you try to send an
email after that, it'll force you to take a sobriety test. If you're not of
sufficiently sound mind to complete some basic arithmetic puzzles...
...then you're also not in any fit state to be emailing anybody.

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