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Good luck to the 23rd MPOC T Academy

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Good luck to all that are starting today in Quincy! Hang in there, it's well worth it.
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Good luck to you boys and girls, you will need it, you have some huge shoes to fill :).

Hope you like the pull-up bars.
Sometimes people just talk a really good game, then when it's time to step up...they're just not what they claimed to be. They may even have families and past coworkers(who don't really know any better than to believe their BS stories) fooled and get a good reference. I've always said in the military, "Don't tell me what a good troop you are, show me". Either way, this is what the academy is all about, weeding out those unfit for the profession. Trust me, those of us on the job were just given 6 favors.
We had one of those in our class, remember that Sarge? They are better gone now, because later they would make more problems for the class.
Doesn't make a difference how much it sucks on day one or week 19, it will all be worth it in the end, and for those who left, maybe it was not for them, I'm sure they will be good at something else. But they will always be nasty
Both of our new hires, GONE! And they only had 7 months to prepare for day 1 (not counting their whole lives before that). Better now than later though.
If someone could give me a little more info I would appreciate it. What exactly made them quit, was the DI yelling at them and they couldnt take it, could they not handle the physical part Imj ust wondering what was the final straw.
Just wondering, are you on the job? If so, what academy did you go to? You should know what happens with those who quit and why they do it. If someone wants to find out what happens strap on some khaki iniforms come in and see what happens. Don't forget the first rule of the fightclub, don't talk about the fightclub.
These 6 should never be allowed to waste a slot in any future academy..
But this way the other 41 students will have no problem sitting in that class room and nothing will be blocked by that big ass post in the middle of the room. :)
Good gravy! This sounds like Plymouth! Uuuuuuuraaaah!
Sorry not to burst you bubble, but you can't compare T to Plymouth
Yeah your right you can't compare the two. While you might not know 89-9 coming out of the T academy at least you have a shiny head and can say you benched 300 lbs.
Haha, those are the old days, now we know 89-9 and can bench over 300 lbs. lol
Nice I wonder were you heard that before?????????
You wouldn't be from the 20th are you?
Ahh...the 20th...I would kill to have someone from the 20th backing me up everyday!!! Nasty in the academy, squared away on the street!!
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