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Good luck to the 23rd MPOC T Academy

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Good luck to all that are starting today in Quincy! Hang in there, it's well worth it.
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I agree wondering why...for those of us that have been waiting, taking tests, working Security and would crawl from home and back every day for the oppurtunity I would like a I could make some sort of sense of it...I dont get it...dont take the fuckin job if you arnt willing to step up wtf..
Both of our new hires, GONE! And they only had 7 months to prepare for day 1 (not counting their whole lives before that). Better now than later though.
If someone could give me a little more info I would appreciate it. What exactly made them quit, was the DI yelling at them and they couldnt take it, could they not handle the physical part Imj ust wondering what was the final straw.
For the record NO im not on the job, I worked at a Hospital in Security for 4 yrs, went through the Reading Reserve Academy, thinking it would help I got certs in oc, baton 1st respnder all in the hopes of getting on ..moved to the City I wanted to get on, took the test ,scored well .. went through the entire process..psych,background,medical,firearms, policies and procedures....and then got bypassed..filed a Civil Service Appeal..won that and I currently work at Seabrook for the Nuclear Security Force awaiting the next step..So for someone like myself its unimaginable to take a slot and then quit, I understand you guys are better off without these guys but for those of us that have put in the time, effort and literally blood ,sweat and seems unimaginable...
1 - 4 of 36 Posts
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