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I'm sure quite a few of you subscribe to this, but if not I highly recommend signing up for it (it's free!) It mostly covers defensive tactics/Officer Safety related stuff, very good!

Here's a tid bit from a recent article from a local guy... I don't know him, maybe someone here does..

Ron Goyette
North Attleboro, MA

"My partner, Ken Cannata, and I were on patrol at a school this past summer when we encountered two kids who immediately turned to walk away from our car. As I approached, with Cannata providing cover, one of the kids tucked his hand into his waist band. I was close enough at this point to grab hold of the kid and secure his waist with my hand.

"While doing this I asked what he was putting in his pants, and he replied it was just a toy gun. When I pulled this 'toy' from his pants I could not believe how very, very real this gun appeared. It was in fact a plastic pellet shooting gun that was not supposed to leave the house unless his father was with him. Had we come moments earlier or if he had not seen us pull up and that gun was still out, the outcome may have been deadly. This gun was so unbelievably real that pictures of it were used in roll call training. This gun also had the red plastic end removed. These kids are playing with fire. I hope parents will see the potential for danger in these toys."
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