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God save the MSP!

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Reason #16 why I LOVE Troopers;

Today 14:00 hours My wife was exiting the Pike to 495S and heading for toll when an ass-clown in 18 wheeler decides to crease her right rear bumber and quarter panel from behind!. My wife makes eye contact with the driver and yells "pull over!" several times and "you hit me!"
The guy shrugs, smirks and tries to keep going.
Trooper "B" in Unit#1056 intervened and ensured my wife was safe and warm in her vehicle while he took "corrective action"with said fool. I don't know if he charged the guy, but the bottom line is I am thankful for his presence and his actions. Some of you folks out there are familiar with this pike exit and my wife said it was an absolute zoo today. Can't believe this "professional" driver was going to try and skate out of doing about $1000-1500 damage in front of about 100 people and a marked MSP unit!

Well add another Trooper to my christmas list!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Any you troopers know who this is let me know
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Tpr John Bergeron regularly on patrol out of SP Grafton but I believe on Temporary Duty Status to Tactical Operations for the STOP Team. He is super squared away and you will not meet a more humble guy.
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