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This is something that only a department with a highly specialized unit would have.

I don't believe that it's even available for individual officer purchase. Even if it was, who would want to pay the $250.00 yearly tax to the ATF?

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We sell them and more importantly have them for DEMO.

Issue are; they lay down a good bit of fire quickly BUT what for.

They were originally made for VIP/Executive protection. A good way to lay down some quick fire and MOVE OUT.

Departments can own these with no special license from the ATF, it's a just a form 5 or form 10 away. Individual officers can not own them but they can be issued them.

Department cost of a Glock 18 is $507. Due to construction diferences, the slide of an 18 will not fit on other guns, the rails are thicker on the 18.

Here are a couple videos:
The first is a first time shooter with the 18, you can see why they don't hand these out to everyone.

Glock 18 in action BIG FILE 18MB

Second is a long time shooter with a conversion we do. A little better shot.

Full Auto Glock 3.1 MB file

Posted Tue 23 Nov, 2004 13:25:

For a civilian to own and NFA firearm, they must pay a transfer tax of either $5 (AOW) or $200 (any other NFA device).
Departments DO NOT pay the tax.

You have to pay taxes to the ATF to own a gun?
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