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FRPDConstable said:
Hey not sure if anyone knows this but Massachusetts is taking a step in the right direction with FireArm Laws.
Do be fooled MA is not making any steps in the right direction regarding Gun laws. If anything they are going to try and make it even harder. Glocks have been on the AG's damn list ever since that list came out. we just have not been able to buy a new one.
For a new handgun to be sold by a dealer in MA it must be on the Approved Firearms Roster List, AND meet the Consumer Protection regulations, there are many guns on "the list" but have not been certified as meeting the consumer protection regulations. In order for a gun to be certified, the gun manufacturer must GIVE the state so many of that model so that the state can "test" them. Glock has only recently decided to make a few minor changes such as the New York trigger and a loaded chamber indicator and send the guns to be evaluated by Executive office of public safety. There are other quality firearms such as Kahr that are on the list but have not yet been certified therefore we cannot purchase. For a used gun it must be on the list and made before 10-21-98 but it does not have to be certified. If it is used and not on the list you must have proof that the gun was registered in MA before 10-21-98.

Sorry I didn't mean to go off on a rant here it's just that the gun laws in this state really piss me off.
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