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Girl Challenged by High School Peers for McCain Support - A high school girl in Oak Park IL conducted an experiment; how inclusive were her fellow students who supported Barack Obama if she were to wear a "McCain Girl" t-shirt to school. The results are not surprising considering standard teen mentality of "are you 'in' or 'out'". What is interesting are the comments from instructors

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Along the same "tolerant left" line... The young lady was simply supporting the candidate from her home state.
(4 on 1, that's about right for scum like that.)

Sarah Palin supporter attacked on Augsburg campus on election night
Student says woman called her racist
By Maricella Miranda

She wore the button in support of her home-state candidate for vice president.

Now Annie Grossmann, 18, a first-year student at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, says the Sarah Palin button led four women to attack her on campus on election night.

"I didn't expect something like that to happen," said the Delta Junction, Alaska, native.

The Minneapolis Police Department is investigating the assault, police spokesman Sgt. Jesse Garcia said Wednesday. No suspects have been identified.

It was about 9:45 p.m. Nov. 4 when Grossmann left her dorm building, where she was watching the U.S. presidential election results unfold with a group of friends, she said.

When Grossmann walked around the building, four women approached her.

She did not recognize them.

Before she said anything to them, one of the women started calling Grossmann racist, spitting in her face as she spoke. Grossmann identified the suspects as black and close to her age, but she did not provide further descriptions.

Grossmann tried to leave, but the woman held her, pulling her by the shoulders, she said. Grossmann finally pushed the woman and walked away.

That's when the woman grabbed her by the shoulder, spun her around and punched her in the face. The punch caused Grossmann to hit her head on a brick wall.

"Are you serious?" she asked the woman. The suspects left the scene, Grossmann said.

Grossmann returned to her dorm to ice her wound. She reported the attack the next day to campus security and the Minneapolis police.
"It's sad. I'm not racist in the least. It's ridiculous," Grossmann said Wednesday.

The attack didn't surprise other Republicans at Augsburg, who say they often are ridiculed for their political beliefs, which are in the minority at the school.

"It's a hard thing to know what to do," said Eric Franzen, 36, a graduate student and a Republican.

Augsburg spokesman Jeff Shelman said college officials do not believe the women are students. Campus security reviewed surveillance video of building entrances 30 minutes before and after the fight and did not see women matching the description.

"The number one concern of the college is for the safety of our students," Shelman said.

Grossmann said students were knocking at her door and slipping negative notes about John McCain under it when she returned home on election night.

Grossmann said she missed a day of school and two days of hockey practice because she had blurred vision. She also spoke to the school counselor.

She hopes her story will reach the women who assaulted her.

"I want them to know what America stands for. Obviously, they don't," Grossmann said.

Maricella Miranda can be reached at 651-228-5421.

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I loved asking the Obama supporters on campus (Pretty much everyone) "So why exactly do you support Obama?"

Not once did I get a legitimate response. "I can't stand another 4 years of this." "I just agree with everything he says." "He's going to bring change." Hmmm...... Like what?!

Its ridiculous. The new trend is to be as left as possible, all because MTV tells them too. Even at the supposed "educated" college level, people... and professors (one of whom referred to police officers as "the goon squad" yesterday in class) can't think for themselves or justify their positions.

My "Multicultural and Ethnic Studies" class is pretty interesting... or, as my roommate calls it "Evil White Man Studies"

I like to think I am pretty tolerant of other people's cultures and whatnot... But it's ridiculous. If you really support Obama for your own reasons... that you can justify... then that's fine, we just disagree - but it's such a blind following in the youth of the country.

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None of these Obama supporters ever heard of him before he addressed the 2004 DNC in Boston when he had the lead speech for John "Reporting For Duty" Kerry.

I asked some of his supporters when they first heard of him and most couldn't tell me. I asked them if they could name a piece of legislation he wrote or what his policy is on taxes will be. Not ONE single person could answer me and they started in on the Bush administration. When asked AGAIN about Obama, they launched back into the "Bush this, Bush that" speil. They have B.D.S. or "Bush Derangement Syndrome." Apparently the antidote was to vote into office a woefully inexperienced US Junior Senator with less than 200 days in said body before he started running for an office he said he was himself, too inexperienced to run for.

We reap what ye sow. We've planted Failure Seed. Let's all wait & see how it matures. I've already got my 1-20-13 bumper sticker coming and I can't wait till the moonbats in JP see it and spill their Starbucks all over themselves.
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