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Flag Is 65 Feet Higher, 120 Square Feet Bigger Than New City Ordinance

LEESBURG, Fla. -- A giant American flag that is larger than a city ordinance allows will be allowed to continue to fly at a popular Central Florida car dealership.

IMAGES: Giant Flag At Dealership

Monday night, Leesburg city commissioners agreed that the flag at the Cecil Clark Chevrolet dealership is more like a landmark since it has been on display for 20 years, and said it could stay.
Earlier this month, the commission wanted the flag removed.

"The community decided that they wanted better standards on the roadways," city manager Jay Evans said during an earlier interview. "We love the American flag and we are patriotic but there are standards that are in place now and we need to talk about whether or not -- in the future -- those are the right standards to have."

Clark launched a full-page ad in a local newspaper asking, "Do you find the sight of this flag objectionable?" with a photo of the American flag before Monday's decision.

The giant flag is 65 feet higher and 120 square feet bigger than the new Leesburg city ordinance allows.

Watch Local 6 News for more on this story.

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